Saturday, 1/3/09

NYT 4:46 ... LAT 4:34 ... CS 2:05 ... ND 11:40

Solved these puzzles after taking the red-eye home to New York and getting about 30 minutes of sleep. Crap, maybe I should be believing my own hype.

All three themelesses are top-notch, especially the NYT by Ashlee Simpson's husband Peter Wentz. (Huh? Not the same guy?) [Oops! I see Orange already made the same joke. Sorry!] Special kudos to Stan Newman for the [Seven-Oscar nominee in the '80s] mislead, which had to be STREEP -- the first E was confirmed by ENROUTE -- but it turned out to be ALIENS! Who knew?

In a bizarre synchronicity, both the NYT and Stumper have IHEARYA at 15-Across! Insert Twilight Zone music... So much more to say, plus another sweet word-baby from Patrick Blindauer, but I'm going to bed now, and may blog further while watching football later.

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Anonymous said...

Yep, I had STREEP instead of ALIENS in the Stumper too. I also confidently filled in IKEA for "'The Perfect Store' subject." The puzzle smacked me around, but I was able to finish it in around 20 minutes.

My favorite clue of the day was in the LA Times: "Crane part?" Awesome.