Tuesday, 8/25/09

NYT 1:59 ... LAT 1:53 ... CS 1:52 ... ND 1:34 ... BT 2:47 ... TO 2:48

Breaking news from the R&B podcast! Mike Nothnagel's Lollapuzzoola final puzzle will run in the NYT on Saturday 9/5, with a blurb about the tournament, hosts, and winner's solving time.

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Joon said...

paper is killing me. i bombed four puzzles today: the NYT, LAT, and CS all took me over 4 minutes, and i couldn't finish the jonesin' at all (although i wouldn't have been able to finish it in AL either). i think i'm okay as long as i can move from one answer to the next and fill it in, but once i start to have to jump around, the time just disappears. need more practice, i guess.