Sunday, 8/23/09 & Lollapuzzoola

NYT 6:00 ... LAT 6:20 ... MR 5:22 ... BG 6:04 ... ND 3:48 ... CS 1:54 ... Diagramless (p) 8:10

Yes, I won the tournament! The margin on the final puzzle was seven seconds, but I'll take it. I'm now the proud owner of an amazing crossword mosaic by Joanne Sullivan (see below), several extremely prestigious 8.5"x11" certificates of merit, and what may be the last two Sterling crossword books I didn't already own. (update: and a medal!)

Standings are up at Be More Smarter, and there may be more details on other blogs, but I'm not investigating until I've done today's puzzles. Longer writeup to come? Probably not.

(photo by G.M.)


Howard B said...

Congrats! A well-earned victory. Had a great time, and I'm taking a wild guess that you had a pretty good time as well ;). Hope the mosaic made it home in one piece!

So, which puzzle(s) were your favorite of the bunch?

Until next time,

Joon said...

congrats to both of you... howard, i was looking at the standings and you finished first on three puzzles and second to dan on the other two. geez. i can't imagine beating francis on one puzzle, let alone all five!

i loved all the puzzles, but i think the playoff puzzle was my favorite. a great grid and two great sets of clues.

Howard B said...

Finally got to see the second set of finals clues, and there were some great ones in both, agreed.

Joon, was great to meet you (and the family!); you put on a great performance as well.

Dan, now I just have to practice the daily newspaper puzzles with a dry-erase marker, that's all, right? ;)

Joanne Sullivan said...

Dear Dan Feyer, Winner of the C Division, Winner of the B Division, Winner of the Express Division,
Congratulations of winning Lollapuzzoola 2! Thanks for complimenting the mosaic. I'm glad that you like it. Tell me it made it home in one piece. When Ryan and Brian came to pick it up, I asked them who would be attending the tournament. When they mentioned you, I immediately said, "Oh, so this one is for him." You're an amazing solver so I guess that wasn't such a remarkable prophecy. I'm sorry that I couldn't make it to Lollapuzzoola this year, but I hope to be at the ACPT when you add "Winner of the A Division" to your nickname.

PuzzleGirl said...

Congratulations again, Dan! Thought I'd check in here and see what you had to say about the awesome weekend we all had!

Joanne: When the mosaics were unveiled, I was sitting near Will Shortz who had the same reaction as everyone else in the room, "Wow!" I told him he should get your number and I hope he does. They were really beautiful!