Sunday, 8/9/09

NYT (p) 6:53 ... LAT 5:02 ... MR (p) 7:25 ... BG (p) 6:47 ... ND 3:41 ... CS 2:24 ... Ringing Endorsement untimed (~15m?)

Just for fun - and to check the grid, though I wasn't questioning anything - I was able to type the NYT solution into the applet (reading Across answers from my completed printout) in 1:45. I don't get the people who don't get the speed-solvers! (Well, those who don't believe it's even possible to type that fast.) (Still haven't gauged my own WPM, btw.)

Meanwhile, Merl's puns fell pretty flat this week, except for the last one. (The penultimate one would have amused if I hadn't seen it before.) Apologies for the editing error in yesterday's post (fixed); those responsible have been sacked.

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JF said...

Nice Monty Python reference