Saturday, 8/29/09

NYT 2:58 ... LAT 2:51 ... CS 1:57 ... ND 4:02

This has to be a first! For Doug Peterson to have two puzzles published on the same day is a fairly common occurrence -- but two themelesses with identical grid designs? That's cool. I suspect that having just solved the Stumper put me in the right mindset for the NYT (second-fastest Saturday - and once again I'm posting the "timer" time, not the "posted" time. Actually, that may be my fastest Stumper, but I don't feel like checking right now).


Doug P said...

Yeah, it's weird that the grid showed up in two places on the same day. But it is one of my favorite grids. I think it looks cool, and working with double-stacked 15's is much, much easier than working with triple-stacked 15's.

Dan said...

Yeah, I should have mentioned that we've seen you with those double 15s a few times before! Now I wanna see those double 15s with three or more 15s crossing down through them... :)

(Turns out I've done three Stumpers faster - there were a few anomalously easy ones back in March/April.)