Saturday, 8/22/09

NYT (p) 7:34 ... LAT (p) 3:53 ... CS (p) 2:24 ... ND (p) 6:11

It's time for Lollapuzzoola 2: Son of Puzzoola! Hopefully I'll post a recap in the next couple days. Or not, since at least half my readership will be there, right? Friday night I had dinner with THREE crossword bloggers, and a commenter who's just as cool.


Orange said...

OMG, I edged you by a second on the LAT and a minute on the NYT. You might need to seek medical attention, Dan. Clearly you're not feeling up to snuff.

Anonymous said...

I think Dan is indeed feeling up to snuff Orange. He just won the Queens crossword tournament.

Congrats Dan!