Tuesday, 6/2/09

NYT 2:35 ... LAT 1:46 ... CS 1:34 ... ND 1:47 ... BT 2:43 ... TO 2:50

"Finishing" time on the NYT was 1:55ish, but it was a mistake, and not a typo. ONKEY for INKEY - I did see the crossing clue but didn't think about it, obviously.

My crazy month is almost over... brother graduates from college today, I've moved into the new apartment, and my computer has decided to celebrate by acting up again.

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Joon said...

i did the same thing! and actually, i didn't catch it. hmm. looks to me like MOC/ON KEY is better anyway. still, i should be aware of this ambiguity in the future (like LOGON/LOGIN).