Sunday, 6/7/09

NYT 8:52 ... LAT 4:30 ... MR 5:54 ... BG 4:16 ... ND 3:44 ... CS 2:43 ... Acrostic 9:05

Allllmost finished the NYT in about 7 minutes, but the central rebus circle eluded me until I realized why the circles were placed in that pattern -- and what belongs in the middle. To that point I wasn't on to the "shifty business", just coming up with the ordinal numbers where they fit... I think I had a "B" for "back" where "R" belongs, until I finished the rest of the grid and concentrated on what I was missing with the rebus. Hey, I don't drive stick.

Glad to hear via cruciverb-l that Sylvia Burzstyn is on a hiatus, and we'll be getting her Sunday LAT puzzle back soon...

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