Monday, 6/29/09

NYT 1:45 ... LAT 1:58 ... CS 2:02 ... ND 1:35 ... BEQ 3:08

OK, solving on the bus wasn't too bad. Sometimes I think Paula G. gets special treatment because she works for Mr. Shortz, but today's is an amazing (and Oryx-worthy)Monday puzzle.

update: Hey, good news everyone! My host (or her neighbor) has wifi, so I may be keeping up with the puzzles/blogs after all. I was expecting only to have internet at work, where I don't get much laptop time.

Sweet proper names in PB2's CS offering - KIEV, PEABO, WALSTON, WENDT - and of course SWEET CHARITY (starring Christina Applegate). Kinda disliked the LAT puzzle, despite PIANISTS and MOLTEN LAVA... lots of awkward fill everywhere and a marquee themer I've never heard of. Norris went super-sized (again!) for that?

I also have to mention the Sunday Newsday puzzle... The title "Back and Forth: some alternate spellings" didn't exactly spell out the theme, which I finally realized was simply phrases with alternating vowels and consonants. I liked it fine, because Fred Piscop always brings smooth 'n' lively fill, but I would have liked a little more spoon-feeding from my Newsday puzzle. I wonder if I was just being dumb, or if there were thousands of confused solvers around the country yesterday wondering what they were missing.

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Doug P said...

Thanks, Dan! I didn't get the Newsday theme either.