Sunday, 6/14/09

NYT (p) 8:11 ... LAT 5:07 ... ND 3:56 ... MR (p) 8:13 ... MR 6/7* 5:37 ... MR 6/14* 5:26 ... BG (p) 8:42 ... CS 2:34 ... Cryptic (p) 14:35

I did a bunch of puzzles on paper today for the first time in months. Good for the soul! Also solved, without too much difficulty, a few variety cryptics from a variety of crossword books. Definitely getting the hang of the cryptics, but not yet fully addicted.

update: Haven't the vaguest idea which of Merl's puzzles are appearing where, so I did (what seem to be) the syndicated puzzles at Merl's site on the good old CC applet.

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Alex said...

Is it worth coming up with a way to convert CC applet puzzles to Across Lite? It would be fairly easy to do but I can't think of enough puzzles in that format to make it worthwhile.

This is an open question, not necessarily just for Dan.