Thursday, 4/21/11

NYT 2:40 ... LAT 2:13 ... CS 1:28 ... ND 1:40 ... BEQ 2:58 ... FB (p) 4:40

I'll do puzzles in the afternoon, but meanwhile here's the story that aired today on WDET, Detroit's NPR station.


Joon said...

seems like they could have used some punctuation in that camelot FITB example. maybe they just couldn't parse what you said?

unrelatedly, today's newsday theme has to be among the lamest ever.

Dan said...

The bigger problem with the story is it never explains the headline. Why am I in the Detroit area? (It's the editors' fault; the reporter surely tried to plug his girlfriend's show.)

As for Newsday, I almost prefer it to the type of theme in CS today ("tightness" aside). And the fill was pretty interesting for ND.