Friday, 4/29/11

NYT 2:29 ... LAT 2:23 ... CS 1:52 ... ND 1:53 ... CHE 2:29 ... WSJ 4:51 ... MGWC 4:45

CrosSynergy times are back. Alex pointed out this converter that will convert .jpz to .puz, which I encourage everyone to use, if only to stick it to Litsoft.

Matt Ginsberg made a convincing post to cruciverb-l a couple days ago suggesting that Litsoft has no legal leg to stand on in trying to eradicate their fifteen-year-old, unpatented intellectual property from the marketplace. I mean, are they going to break into my computer and take Across Lite from me? I've still got a crapload of old .puz files to solve, and I'm not going to use Puzzle Solver.

Speaking of which, I'm glad to see that Antony Lewis is indeed working on improvements to his solver. Though I can't imagine I'll have any reason to switch, unless every other outlet is frightened into abandoning .puz. (eta: that's not a swipe at CrosSynergy - I'm sure it would have been expensive to put up a legal fight.)

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