Sunday, 4/10/11

NYT (p) 8:07 ... LAT 4:30 ... MR 3:14 ... BG 3:48 ... ND 3:06 ... CS 2:01 ... WP 4:46 ... Acrostic 5:10

Probably won't be getting to Sunday's puzzles until Monday evening. And if not, it'll be Wednesday.

Monday afternoon I'm doing an interview with Detroit's NPR station, WDET, wherein I'll solve the Sunday and Monday NYT puzzles in front of the reporter. Will let everyone know when that's on the radio and online.


Joon said...

the NYT acrostic, on the other hand... quick quick. 5:13.

Plot said...

7:40 on the acrostic. A lot of gimmes, but got stuck near the end with ambiguous letters in a couple of obscure answers.