Saturday, 4/23/11

NYT 3:03 ... LAT 3:06 ... CS tba? ... ND 4:21 ... Hex Cryptic (p) 14:10

Is it the end of the line for CrosSynergy .puz files? If so, I'll hold my nose and solve selectively (e.g. Blindauer, Peterson, Klahn, Sundays) but won't be posting times anymore.

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Andrew J. Ries said...

FWIW, it's a Blindauer CS today, and a pretty good one at that. I didn't enjoy my Puzzle Solver test-drive, either, and I always solved the CS in the applet, so I used the new applet the Washington Post is providing. It's not AL, but it's not as bad as PS is, either, IMO.