Friday, 3/18/11

NYT 2:22* ... LAT (p) 2:41 ... CS (p) 2:04 ... ND (p) 2:45 ... CHE (p) 2:46 ... WSJ 5:00 ... MGWC (p) 3:41

My NYT time doesn't count at all. I test-solved this puzzle about 7 months ago, and although Pat Merrell rewrote about a third of the grid (the W and SW), I remembered some of the answers. It'll be interesting for me to compare clues, since I've never seen the before-and-after-Shortz clue-editing process up close.

At 10:50 Central today, I'm appearing on the Norm Hitzges Show on Dallas's Sportsradio 1310, "The Ticket". Thanks, ESPN The Magazine!

In the afternoon I'll be off to Brooklyn for the ACPT. I'm feeling pretty good about my chances for a repeat, but I won't be too bummed if it doesn't happen. There's always next year - and last year...

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Joon said...

"there's always last year" would be a good motto for short-suffering sports fans.

i thought i destroyed today's puzzles, but i can't really compare my times since i did them all in AL. but i was around 2:30-2:40 on all four easy puzzles and 6 minutes on the WSJ.