Sunday, 3/20/11

NYT untimed ... LAT 4:25 ... MR 3:51 ... BG 4:50 ... ND 3:15 ... CS 2:37 ... WP 4:43 ... Crossword Sudoku no thanks

So Saturday went pretty well. I'm all but assured of a finals spot, and I just have to hope for good mojo on that last freestyle puzzle by Mike Nothnagel (on whose LP2 final I once beat Francis by all of 8 seconds). See you afterwards, and hit up the Puzzle Brothers for a live-blog of the festivities.


So Sunday went pretty well too. Once again, I intend to write about the tournament here this week, and this time I'll really do it. Thanks to everyone who makes the ACPT happen, hellos to friends old and new, and congratulations to all the other winners -- I'll note that we've had three consecutive B Division champs who are "readers" of this "blog". Of course, you can read all the coverage at the website, where the links section should resume updating tomorrow.

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janie said...

didn't get to see you after, dan, but have to say, that was one elegant win. your most worthy opponents were nuthin' to sneeze at, but man, did you appear to positively sail through those gnarly clues.

congrats congrats congrats to you -- and bravo and brava, tyler and anne!