Sunday, 3/13/11

NYT (p) 7:58 ... LAT (p) 6:16 ... MR (p) 5:30 ... BG (p) 5:34 ... ND (p) 4:24 ... CS (p) 2:44 ... WP (p) 4:05 ... Acrostic 12:25

Betcha smoked me on the acrostic again, Joon! I made it extra-difficult by forgetting the Maori city and misreading "Editor" as "Either". Saved myself by recognizing the author's name.


Al Sanders said...

Ooh, can I play this game? 7:30 on the NYT Acrostic, 5:50 on the WSJ. Of course none of that matters as I was feeling really good about some of my times this weekend (like 6:10 on the Reagle, 6:40 on the BG, 6:46 on Joon's NYT), only to find it's not even in the same minute as you on paper. Sigh. You remain amazing.

Dan said...

You're always encouraged to play, Al!

Joon said...

yes, very much so. got to the acrostic late, and had some trouble but finished in 8:31. i thought it would be faster after i nailed 8 of the first 13 clues, but the second half was a lot harder (and two of my 8 were wrong, albeit only slightly--TAKE UP for TAKE ON and TOTTER for TODDLE).