Saturday, 3/19/11

NYT 5:18 ... LAT 2:47 ... CS 2:09 ... ND 5:25 ... Boxing Rings (p) 10:55

To any new readers who followed the link on the ACPT page: Hello! This is not a blog, where people do not write interesting things for you to read.

Highlights from yesterday: good news about Lollapuzzoola 4; winning a couple rounds of Peter Gordon's "Celebrity" iPhone app; dinner with Brian, Amanda, Neville & Emily; getting crushed in the cryptic competition by Jeffrey Harris, Doug Hoylman, Al Sanders, and several others; meeting Andrew Ries, Bruce Sutphin, Bonnie Gentry, and many others; chatting with old friends (including good news from Doug Peterson); discovering a "small world" moment with ACPT regular Kent Brody, whose nephew was a friend of mind in high school; and getting called out by Merl Reagle for a comment here. Huh, that seems pretty mild for a blog criticism. (His point was that the "meta" find was much more fortuitous than I realized...)

Here we go with ACPT Day 1, I'm off to warm up my pencil. Standings will be updated here throughout the day.

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