Sunday, 1/9/11

NYT 5:21 ... LAT 5:06 ... MR 4:11 ... BG 4:53 ... ND 3:31 ... LATB 4:08 ... CS 2:15 ... WP 6:11 ... Diagramless (p) 9:25

RIP Sylvia Bursztyn. I guess today is her last puzzle in the Sunday LAT. I've really enjoyed her fresh, wide-open grids for the last couple years, and will have to investigate her older work with the late Barry Tunick.

While I'm writing, here's what I've been up to... Solving plenty of crosswords, natch. Had some success with the brain-busters in Ultrahard Crosswords. (There are three actually ultra-hard puzzles in each volume of 50; I've been able to finish four of the 15 in my omnibus and made large dents in three others.) Found a source for Cox & Rathvon's weekly cryptic in Canada's National Post. Nearly finished with their two published collections of these medium-level puzzles, so I was thrilled to discover there's a way to print out the new ones every week. And started attempting the Guardian's cryptics, my first foray into the UK style - got a lot to learn about their abbrevs!

And finally, I just made a couple of exciting purchases on the Amazon Marketplace, but I'll save the glee until the books actually arrive, because you never know.

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