Sunday, 1/16/11

NYT (p) 7:00 ... LAT (p) 6:22 ... MR (p) 6:21 ... BG (p) 5:19 ... ND (p) 5:13 ... CS (p) 2:48 ... WP (p) 4:40 ... Acrostic 12:30

Asterisk on the Reagle because I realized a little way in that I'd solved it before (maybe a month ago). At least some clues were new!

And congrats Joon on the NYT -- I was perhaps looking for more bleeding-edge entries in the long fill, as I've come to expect from you young-turk freestylers, but I'm totally satisfied with rock-solid fill and fresh cluing. Actually, looking at it again, those four vertical 8s are quite nice.

And and, my much-anticipated Amazon purchases arrived in the mail, but I'll elaborate in a day or two when I have time.

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Joon said...

thanks... and who are you calling young (or turkish)? anyway, i decided to go for more theme and a slightly lower word count instead of splashier fill. still pretty pleased with the result.