Saturday, 1/29/11

NYT (p) 4:28 ... LAT (p) 3:18 ... CS (p) 2:33 ... ND (p) 5:17 ... Hex Cryptic (p) 10:25

Heckuva MGWCC yesterday (which I solved today)... even after getting the theme, it was still crazy hard, especially the SW corner.


Andrew Ries said...

29 minutes myself on the Gaffney...good to know that I wasn't the only one to struggle with it. Meta was easy enough though -- had that within a couple minutes.

Joon said...

i had a hard time with the gaffney, but not that hard. maybe 5 minutes for the meta and another 6 to finish the grid. SE was the toughest corner for me.

Howard B said...

Gaffney puzzle was definitely a challenge, and a good one. Can't remember the trouble spots, but there were at least a couple squares/answers that I had to revisit, at least for completeness' sake.