Sunday, 1/30/11

NYT (p) 12:30* ... LAT 5:12 ... MR (p) 5:58 ... BG (p) 5:45 ... ND 3:10 ... CS 1:51 ... WP (p) 5:08 ... Acrostic 2:50 (!)

*I had no idea about square 10, so I guessed a different bird beginning with the same letter. Across Lite would have accepted it!

The acrostic is probably my favorite of all time, and surely the first where I've actually read the book. (Well, only the first few chapters so far -- I want to make it last. You know, like Puzzle Masterpieces, which I may never finish.)


Joon said...

8:33 for me. never stood a chance, did i?

Joon said...

(that last comment refers to the acrostic, btw)

wasn't really expecting to beat you, but the newsday was my fastest paper 21x ever (5:48). would've been curious to see how fast you could do it.