Tuesday, 10/27/09

NYT 1:59 ... LAT 1:32 ... CS 2:20 ... ND 1:25 ... BT 2:54 ... TO 3:08


Al Sanders said...

Wow, I thought today's NYT was significantly harder than yesterday's, but your times are almost the same. What do you think your Paper/Online solving time ration is?

Dan said...

Hard to say... probably in the neighborhood of 20% if I had to guess? Today I used AL rather than the applet, which is a minimum 5-10 seconds faster -- no loading, no clicking "done", slightly faster moving around (but I don't use the AL clue bar so that's not different).

Hopefully at some point I can analyze my solving data here to get a better sense of paper vs. online... that's one reason I started keeping track.