Saturday, 10/24/09

NYT 5:33 ... LAT 2:49 ... CS 1:54 ... ND 3:34

As usual, I was not really on Paula's wavelength, but definitely on Doug's! Can't believe I've never seen Doug's super-fresh 8-Down in a puzzle before.


Doug P said...

Wow, you smoked the Stumper! Very nice. Paula's puzzle knocked me around pretty good. No section fell particularly quickly for me, and I'm embarrassed to say that XTINA was one of the first words I entered. Seriously, why did I know that?

Howard B said...

And XTINA was one of my last; I'm just not usually up on the more ephemeral pop culture-y names and terms. Knowing the X would have helped a bunch there. Interesting answer though, I liked that.