Sunday, 10/25/09

NYT 5:45 ... LAT 3:58 ... MR 5:55 ... BG 4:01 ... ND 4:21 ... LATB 6:22 ... CS 2:50 ... Acrostic 11:55

This is approximately my two-year puzzling anniversary -- Wordplay aired on PBS on 10/16/07 (according to Orange's archives), but it was a week or so before I watched it and went online to discover all the wonderful crossword websites and free puzzles. Now that I think about it, if EW hadn't spotlighted that broadcast in their "What to Watch" section, I might not be here with you all today...

Sunday NYT: oh that BEQ, always at the bleeding edge! I had an advantage because I remembered his blog about the quote -- but then again, everyone else reads his site too.

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Brendan Emmett Quigley said...

Happy "Anniversary." One of us! One of us!