Thursday, 5/7/09

NYT 4:49 ... LAT 2:11 ... CS 1:48 ... ND 1:48

Liz Gorski's NYT was as tricky as advertised. I was done at about 4:00, but as always with a non-standard rebus, had to figure out how the applet wants us to enter the strange squares... my first try was a C in every corner, but it worked when I went with the Across versions.

Newsday today by Sandy Fein has a nice Scrabbly fill. Oh yeah, I appeared twice on Dinner Impossible, once trying unsuccessfully to get out of the way of the cameras (before the A finals), and once trying unsuccessfully to solve a food puzzle. Fortunately, they edited out the long seconds of stumpage, and skipped to the part where they basically gave me the answer...

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