Sunday, 5/3/09

NYT 5:32 ... LAT 4:00 ... MR 4:58 ... BG 3:48 ... ND 3:38 ... LATB 4:44 ... CS 2:03 ... Cryptic untimed

Gonna print out the cryptic and give it a look - the New Yorker ones are taking me under 10 minutes now, so I think I have a shot at the NYT's...

[updated 24 hours later] Indeed, it wasn't too tricky. My girlfriend (hereafter G, which is her first initial, conveniently enough) was interested in the cryptic thing, so we worked on it together. Usually I'd get an answer, show her the definition and type of wordplay, and let her take a crack, often successfully... but she figured out GUERRILLAS before I did!

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