Saturday, 5/2/09

NYT 3:00 ... LAT 2:32 ... CS 3:01 ... ND 9:10

Tonight, I'm actually glad the themed NYT Saturday was extra-easy and not extra-hard. Gotta get up early! Good fill considering the diagonal constraint, but couldn't we have gone with a lower word count so it would look a little like a Saturday puzzle? (Dan Naddor could have.) I kid, I liked it fine, no complaints because I always call for More Themed Saturdays!

S.N., all is forgiven! Loved the Stumper, very hard but with pop culture galore (for Stan) and a fantastic grid. That bottom stack has to be one of the best in history! DRDEMENTO/EDMCMAHON/ROCKSTARS. I had the most trouble with MENUOPTION, not helped by leaving CPI instead of PSI - why I thought the answer would be the most literal interpretation of "inflation measure", I can't say.


Howard B said...

Agreed, the Newsday was good :).
I don't understand the answer that went with 'type of rail', though... but no matter. Fun stuff.

Doug P said...

The Stumper was a lot of fun! The upper left took me a looong time. I had answers at 1-Across and 1-Down that differed from the correct answers by two letters each. The clue for 35-Down would work well for 26-Across too. :)

No slight to Peter Collins, because I really enjoyed his NYT puzzle, but Dan Naddor would have put 5 or 6 Derby winners into the grid too.