Monday, 5/25/09

NYT 1:35 ... LAT 1:48 ... CS 2:07 ... ND 1:37 ... JON 3:02 ... BEQ 3:00

I'm too wiped out after a two-day bachelor party to even think about hitting the Saturday puzzles. But I can handle Monday's, and maybe some of Sunday's that I missed. update: darnit, didn't notice the NYT was irregularly sized... stay tuned for the next installment of "Square or Rectangle?"

One fellow I met over the weekend works for a company called ZAAZ... how great a crossword entry is that? I encouraged him to grow the company, and quickly. Saw an eatery with the amazing name Lettuce B. Frank. And a crossword I constructed (for the wedding later this summer) was a hit with the group... it took four Princeton graduates, working together on a long car ride, about an hour to finish, which is just the level I'd intended.

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