Tuesday, 7/3/12

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Jeff D said...

Hi! Looks like Jeff is already taken so I'll go with JD. Looking forward to your writeup of the Napa finals, Dan, and thanks again for putting it together.

Dan said...

Welcome, Young Master D! You can solve much faster than Jeff Chen, so I believe that means you can force him to change his name.

I added the Muller Monthly Music Meta to the spreadsheet.

Dan said...

I didn't answer David's question from a few days ago: I've never seen the ipad crossword app. Do you think it's faster or slower than solving on paper?

I have no idea. I used the Across Lite app, which is surely not as good as a couple of the other ones (Crux seems to be a favorite), but it opens .puz files well so I like it. If I speed-solved a little more on it, I'm sure I would get faster. But I'm not planning to.