Friday, 7/20/12

Add your times here.


Jeanie said...

I just didn't fill in one letter on the CHE puzzle. :-P
Where is this "ISwear" puzzle? Thanks.

Dan said...

Use Will's Puzzle Pointers (see sidebar) to get "I Swear". It's an easy themed puzzle by Victor Fleming, appearing in a few newspapers down south. I don't post times because I test-solve them.

Jeanie said...

Are the solutions posted somewhere? Thanks.

Dan said...

Can't help you with that! If you are using Across Lite files, you can reveal the solution. Also, the Crossword Fiend blog posts solutions for most major puzzles every day.

Joon said...

... but not for i swear.

Jeanie said...

Now that I know I can see the solution in Across Lite, maybe I'll do that instead of looking online. Or do you guys think it's good to read more about the puzzle than just the solution?

Neville said...

I think reading about the puzzle (beyond just looking at a solution) can be good if:

1. You're stymied by the theme
2. You want more insight into what makes the crossword cool and what parts were kind of ickish
3. You want to learn about some of the entries that you didn't know about
4. You thought the puzzle was terrible, and you want to see if someone agrees (or if it's just you)
5. You want to discuss the puzzle in the comments

I think those are all valid reasons to read about a puzzle. (There are probably more.) I learned a lot about solving by reading the crossword fiend page each day when I was starting out, and I think I learned an awful lot from it. I'd say try reading about the puzzles for a week. Once you do that, you'll get a better idea of what's on offer there, and you can know when to check or not.