Monday, 7/2/12

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Saturday's Napa Valley Puzzle Challenge was a big success! Congratulations to Jon Berman, Eric Maddy, and Jeff Davidson for taking the top three spots. We used this week's Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday NYT puzzles, as well as an original puzzle by Andrea Carla Michaels and Gregory Cameron. Thank yous to Andrea and Gregory, Tyler Hinman, and Jeremy Horwitz for coming up from SF to help out, and Will Shortz for the puzzles.

I'll write a bit more about the tournament with the Thursday post, because the finals were exciting. Before that, I'll probably post the NPR Puzzlemaster-style game I wrote for the event, so look for that this week too.

Meanwhile, would anybody mind sending me the .puz files for Saturday and Sunday, CS and ND? I don't have my laptop but I can print out Across Lite... don't want to get too far behind with the solving... (got 'em)


Joon said...

i sent dan the puzzles, just in case nobody else already has.

Dan said...

Thanks! you were in fact beaten to it, apologies for not getting back to the computer sooner...