Thursday, 3/1/12

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Bruce said...

Missed the box where 22D and 28A met. I guessed correctly at the first box of 28D. The Tony winner was unknown to me, as are all none pekoe teas, and BEACHBOYSSURFWAGON just wouldn't fit at 28A. I only know the learning center associated with 28A. Guess you can't know everything (not that I suspected I did).

Howard B said...

The Thursday NY Times was total wreckage for me. However, the bizarro mullet clue reference in the Fireball was a saving grace, breaking open a corner and greatly skewing my solving time the other way :). Puzzle karma at its finest.

For the Fireball, I find for every obscurity that throws you in a a puzzle, there's another odd answer (HENRIK LUNDQVIST!) that you just *know*, to help you along. Yea, the Fireball giveth and taketh away. Amen.