Friday, 2/3/12

Add your times here.

I'm taking "I Swear" off the board because nobody posted a time last week. And because I'm now proofreading that puzzle, I won't be recording my own times.


Tuning Spork said...

As of Sunday, the I Swear for Friday the 27th was still unavailable, which explains why nobody could post a time. :-)

I just checked, and it's up now, as is tomorrow's puzzle.

Bruce said...

I botched up the lower left corner something awful. Couple names I didn't know and had something I thought was clever for 38D which shared just enough letters to work with the things I did know were right in the crossings. I think I am getting slower and dumber.

I think the ISWEAR puzzle came available on Wednesday this week.

Qatsi said...

The I Swear puzzle was definitely late this week - I think I was finally able to download it on Tuesday evening. And I've been sporadic about posting in general because life commitments have caused me to get behind in solving lately.

On a related note - does anyone here do Frank Longo's Premier puzzle? It's an easier Sunday puzzle (somewhere between Newsday and Merl Reagle's in terms of difficulty), but has the kind of lively fill you'd expect from him. It runs in the SF Chronicle's Datebook section (the "pink pages"), among other places. Here's a link to this weekend's puzzle:

Dan said...

Aha, thanks for the explication guys. If anyone cares to add I Swear back to the sheet, go ahead.

Eric - I do enjoy the Longo puzzle! Bruce has been emailing a few of us a .puz file every week (his phone downloads it somehow), and I'm sure he'd be happy to add more people to the distribution. I haven't put it on the spreadsheet though because it's not "publicly" available.