Monday, 2/27/12

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Bruce S. said...

Did the NYT yesterday at the Skidmore College Crossword Tournament.

Howard B said...

Just thought I'd drop a quick post while I had a sec. Haven't had much solving time lately, but I appreciate the combined effort here to share solving info.

Perhaps an additional column with a dropdown selection of solving methods per entry {Paper, ALite, App, etc.} might normalize entries and if you wanted to do data collection, could help with that as well since method would be separate but still connected to name/time entries.

Hope to see you all again soon.
- HB

Howard B said...

@Bruce - How'd the tournament go?

Dan said...

Hi Howard, hope the family is well! That's an interesting idea, though I don't quite understand it and have no idea how to implement it. Across Lite (or any app) was supposed to be the default, like the old format, but there's more paper flying around as we all gear up. See you soon... (you are coming up for the big weekend, right?)

Howard B said...

Yes, I am indeed going to be there :). Gonna be great.

As far as selectable lists, I've seen plenty of Excel spreadsheets that allow it. Google Docs seems similar.

Basically you define a list of cells hidden somewhere in the doc, each cell with a defined selection (e.g. Paper, AL, App). Then select any cells that you want to be list types. Select Data from the toolbar, then Validation. Highlight the cells to use as selections, then choose 'Items from a List' as the type. I think that should do it. Try it on a private doc first. Pretty cool.

Al Sanders said...

Yikes, Dan, I think David just officially made a statement! David, careful, remember what happened when we got Dan's attention on last Monday's Newsday :-)!