Wednesday, 12/7/11

NYT 1:36 ... LAT 2:02 ... CS 1:51 ... ND 1:22

It's been almost three years since I started posting my times every day, and I don't think I want to continue indefinitely.  What's the point?  My solving isn't accelerating anymore, and there's enough data here for... I don't know what, but 6,000 data points should be statistically sufficient for it.

Would anybody be disappointed if I only updated this site on the rare occasions when I have something useful to share?  You can email me directly or comment.  The other idea I had is to make this interactive -- if a half-dozen of you were willing to enter your times into a Google doc, through a handy link here that I'd update daily, we would have a more robust (and permanent) version of the Crossword Fiend leaderboard.  I've tried that out and will include it on tomorrow's post so you can see what I mean.


Joon said...

yes on question 2.

Plot said...

I'm also interested in the google doc. As for queston 1, I do check the site every day to compare times (you're the only top 10 solver who posts times for all the daily puzzles). But, if we had a permanent leaderboard, that would be just as useful.

Bruce S. said...

I check everyday too. My times are much slower than yours, but I always keep track of my owns times too. I would post, although you might not want my data.