Saturday, 12/17/11

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Bruce said...


I sent you the most recent 5 Premier puzzles in AL so check your spam folder.


Plot said...

Could I get those AL files as well? my email is

Tuning Spork said...

Me three.



Bruce said...

Plot and Tuning,

sent them, let me know if you dont get them.

Joon said...

bruce, why on earth would you do the acrostic on paper? makes me wince just thinking about it.

Bruce S. said...


I did both of this weekends acrostics while hanging out with my 18 month old. He was climbing all over me and having a grand time. If I am ever adept enough at acrostics to do them quickly I might try the applet, but i often do the variety puzzles at a leisurely pace so paper doesn't bother me. Was actually just checking out the Acrostic from the brand new PandA magazine.