Wednesday, 6/22/11

NYT 2:57 ... LAT 1:51 ... CS 1:49 ... ND 1:30


Joon said...

is it just me, or is newsday getting lamer? today's theme is pretty lame—39 theme squares with minimal connection, although i was convinced the third one was also going to involve FRANCIS and that might have been cool. there was an obvious error in the clue for COULOMB the other day. and monday's puzzle, the theme of which i've already forgotten, was the fastest i'd ever done any puzzle on paper. i guess that doesn't necessarily mean it was lame.

Dan said...

Oh yeah, that COULOMB thing really bugged me. Heh, of course I didn't notice it. I don't know if it's getting lamer, maybe you're gradually learning just how lame it's always been? Dunno. So how fast? Under 1:50?

Joon said...

well, for future reference, COULOMB is a unit of charge, not current. current is measured in amperes, which are coulombs per second. it would be like saying {Unit of speed} for INCHES, which is a mistake my 3-year old makes.

1:52. i've only broken 2 minutes a handful of times, so it's always a little surprising. i think it involves a different strategy—go for words where you don't actually have any crosses yet, and hope that it'll be so blindingly obvious that you can guess right anyway enough of the time.