Sunday, 6/5/11

NYT (p) 6:40 ... LAT 5:42 ... MR 4:28 ... BG 4:13 ... ND 4:58 ... CS (p) 2:40 ... WP (p) 5:31 ... Acrostic 14:50

Didn't think I'd finish the acrostic without cheating, because I had only 3 or 4 sure answers. Guessing the first word off of 3 letters got me started.


Joon said...

5:53 for me. i actually got a whole bunch of answers off the go, although three of them were wrong. but once i guessed that first word, it was actually pretty easy to get the next 10 or so.

Plot said...

8:10. I only got three answers at first, but those answers gave me the B and the two Zs for the first word, so everything else fell into place pretty easily.