Wednesday, 6/1/11

NYT 2:16 ... LAT 1:35 ... CS 1:47 ... ND 1:42

NPLer Nathan Curtis is attempting to post a new puzzle every day in June. They won't all be word puzzles, but the variety crosswords already on his site are solid, so if you can't get enough Spirals and Marching Bands, check it out!

I've also been meaning to plug a new site called 14 Across. It's developed by an Israeli fellow, and allows easy uploading and solving (and apparently selling) of crosswords. There are no quality puzzles on the site yet, and the solving applet could use some work, but if it ever takes off, the site could be a fun and useful tool.


Bruce S. said...

Thanks for directing me to Nathan's page Dan. That sounds like a lot of fun.

Joon said...

i went to high school with nathan curtis. he was better than me at math.