Sunday, 12/12/10

NYT 5:06 ... LAT 4:21 ... MR 3:17* ... BG 4:25 ... ND 3:08 ... LATB 4:02 ... CS 3:53 ... WP 4:25

* I solved this puzzle a couple weeks ago; it was previously published on August 3, 2003. At least a third of this year's Merl Reagle puzzles have been reruns, as I've discovered while solving my way through the last decade. Of course, nobody remembers puzzles from seven or eight years ago, so that's fair to the solvers -- I was just a little disheartened to learn that Merl is only human, and isn't coming up with a clever new idea every single week!

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Joon said...

how scandalous! or not. seven years is a long time. on the other hand, i still remember the first merl puzzle i ever did, and i still remember his previous puzzle with a theme similar to this one ("advanced placement," 3/9/2008). i suspect i will still remember today's puzzle seven years from now, just because it had a very clever theme. but i probably won't remember any of the other puzzles i did today, even though the newsday was my fastest ever paper 21x (under 6!).