Monday, 12/6/10

NYT 1:32 ... LAT 1:27 ... CS 1:56 ... ND 1:24 ... JON 1:48 ... BEQ 4:14


Joon said...

fastest paper day ever for me. 2:10 nyt, 2:11 lat, 2:05 nd. all monday bests (though my fastest 15x ever is a tuesday nd). cs was 2:49, not blazing but fast-ish for a quip puzzle.

Arnie Perlstein said...

Mr. Feyer, you are my puzzle-ganger. I do crossword puzzles too (I came in #300 out of 700 at the ACT the year after Wordplay came out), but my true obsession are the literary puzzles of Jane Austen, Shakespeare and several other great authors, all of whom were Will Shortzes in addition to be great writers of stories.

Arnie Perlstein
Weston, Florida