Saturday, 12/4/10

NYT 4:14 ... LAT 2:33 ... CS 2:01 ... ND 7:32 ... Acrostic 6:25

Inspired by Trip's monthly rundowns, discussion of my solving habits on other blogs, and the likelihood that I'll get a traffic spike this Tuesday (playin' it coy!) and want to have some content here, I decided to count how many puzzles I solved this week (11/28-12/4). I wasn't working much, so I spent more time than usual at home doing crosswords. (Saturday I'll be busy and not solving, so I can count now, on Friday night.) So:

42 - current puzzles with times posted here
82 - NYT from 1996
18 - WSJ from 2003-4
14 - LAT from 2007
21 - CS from 1997 [Downs only. I've found this a fun way to solve these puzzles in Across Lite (usually while watching Conan) - drag the Across/Down divider bar all the way up, and voila, it's Downs only. Every third puzzle or so, I need some help from "Check All" or Acrosses to finish.]
14 - in books that I'm trying to move from the "half done" shelf to the "done" shelf: Pop Culture Crosswords (done!), 10-Minute Crosswords, and Baseball Crosswords
9 - variety cryptics: 2 by Kegler, 2 by Hex, 5 by Maltby

...for a total of... holy crap, I swear I didn't rig this... exactly 200 in six days. Yeah, my goal is to do all the crosswords. All of them! (Well, not the ones edited by Timothy Parker.)


Neville said...

200 is beyond epic. It's at least 4 times epic. Blows my usual 20ish out of the water. And I bet I take more time on my twenty than you on your 200. Damn.

Howard B said...


(That comment has hopefully not appeared in the fill of any puzzle you've solved).