Wednesday, 12/16/09

NYT 2:51 ... LAT 2:20 ... CS 2:10 ... ND 1:50 ... BEQ 3:09

So yesterday was my one-year "blog"giversary. I missed it because I checked the date on Monday night -- when it was still 12/14 -- and thought, "OK, it's not the 15th yet". Whoops. Thanks for visiting, and I'll keep posting my times as long as I'm not bored with the daily puzzles (and the real blogs that cover them). No promises about additional content... but who knows.


Anonymous said...

HAPPY BLOGGIVERSARY from a dedicated reader ... MODF

Joon said...

you're not the worst blogger ever, but you might be the worst blogger who actually updates his blog every day. that's something you can hang your hat on.

but of course your "business model" (such as it is) involves keeping expectations low, doesn't it?

Joon said...

hmm, that came out sounding more negative than i intended it.

Howard B said...

Aw man, do you know how hard it is to find a 'Belated Bloggiversary' card?
I mean, I can find a birthday card "from the cat", in Norwegian, a 100th birthday card, etc. but nada for this occasion.

Anyway, congrats.

Dan said...

Actually, Joon, you were spot on. :) Thanks guys. And Mom.

john farmer said...

A day late (or is it two?), but Happy Blogday to you anyway.

Anybody who this every day for a year (and counting) has my admiration.