Tuesday, 9/25/12

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Who wants some site news?
    Tomorrow will be the 1400th not-post here.
    I've successfully upgraded to Google Drive (the home for Google Docs) without breaking anything.
    Posters are encouraged to use Google's new Comments feature and leave notes directly on the spreadsheet. Just right-click on a cell and select "Insert comment". View existing comments by hovering over the cells with markings in the corner. It's a quicker, easier way to say "missed the crossing of 69a/42d", or to add a meta solving time! Traditional Blogger comments are of course still welcome. [[UPDATE: There are "comments" -- not visible on the embedded spreadsheet -- and "notes", which are like footnotes and which you can see above. I think I prefer "comments"...?]]
    Still no revamped FAQ.


David said...

I don't know why it took so long, but the CHE puzzle page has finally been updated with the latest puzzles. Make sure you solve David Steinberg's puzzle from last week; it's a contender for puzzle of the year IMO.

Andrew said...

When I first tried to comment, it wouldn't let me, so that's why I went with a "note." Now the 'comment' feature is working. Considering the clutter-y footnote format, I'll just 'comment' now.