Thursday, 5/10/12

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Andrew said...

Got stuck for 3-4 minutes(!) on the circles on 17-A. Tough with no crossings :)

Bruce said...


I was coming here to post the same thing. Those 4 circles were killer for me. That clue doesn't strike me as quite right. Really enjoyed the puzzle and theme though.

Al Sanders said...

Had exactly the same issue as Andrew and Bruce. About 4 minutes going through the alphabet trying to come up with 17A. Although there was an implied additional clue of "Jump ____" for the first four letters, they felt perilously close to unchecked, maybe 1.5 checked. It's ironic because the checkerboard puzzle is in the syndicated papers today, in which a lot of folks complained about unchecked squares, but I didn't have a problem with that one. Anyway, cool idea, just a tad frustrating at the end.