Friday, 5/11/12

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Dan said...

WSJ: I am stunned that I got Mr. Happy Pencil on the first try. I agree with Will Shortz that what some call "obscurity" is an opportunity to learn new words, but damn. Shouldn't Mike Shenk have said, "Great theme, try another grid"?

David said...

Agreed. My error was actually on one of the gettable crossings, but I didnt spend time searching for it 'cause I assumed I had messed up one of those near-Natick crossings.

I messed up 40A/D; my answer made sense as a phrase, but not in the context of the theme.

Joon said...

i, too, am surprised to have no errors in the WSJ. this was a mess. but much of my solving time is due to the fact that i literally fell asleep mid-solve.

also, this is the sort of theme that would have put me to sleep even in a 15x. yawn.