Monday, 4/30/12

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Andrew said...

Mon-Thur. NYT this week was from the Marbles tournament at the Mall of America this past weekend. Yours truly took first place! And it reminds me that I never did a proper write-up of the St. Paul tournament that I placed second in last month. Here's a video of the event, and you can hopefully see some of the frustrations I had in the final round:

Tuning Spork said...

Cool video, Andrew!

2:35 on the Newsday is, I believe, my fastest on-screen solving time ever. Knew every answer immediately, fingers were flying and they made no typos, bing bang boom, 2:35. So, apparently, that is my standard of perfection. For now.

Tuning Spork said...

By the way, were you solving the final with a Sharpie on paper?!