Saturday, 2/12/11

NYT 3:29 ... LAT 2:00 ... CS 1:58 ... ND 2:55 ... Acrostic 7:50


Joon said...

the acrostic kicked my butt today. so many tough clues, yikes. plus three first and last names i didn't know at all.

except... oh wait. omg. have i done this entire acrostic before?!? will investigate.

Joon said...

okay, no, i haven't. something about it struck me as eerily familiar after the fact. but anyway. hard hard hard, even with 5 gimmes to start with.

Dan said...

Wasn't that bad for me. I learned the "Superman" actress from crosswords, but needed a few letters. Had 6 or 7 gimmes and another few good guesses to start, so it wasn't hard to get over that hump.