Monday, 2/7/11

NYT 1:34 ... LAT 1:31 ... CS 2:10 ... ND 1:30 ... JON 2:24 ... BEQ 3:03

It's a big day for Not a Blog! This old post has hit 100 comments, only one of them by a human. I delete all the other spam, but for some reason that post has attracted most of it.


Jeffrey said...

ND - 2:03 (p). If the ACPT is 7 early week Newsdays, the B Division is mine.

Joon said...

can't argue with that. i raced through it too, but still took 2:05 (p).

Howard B said...

Wow! That post 100 comment to making my happiness today! Thank you for inform blog article.
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I kid. I may have to start on the weekly Newsdays if I get around to them. They're not part of my regular puzzle diet.

Joon said...

i dunno, howard. can you spare 2 minutes a day? :P